Our Smart Home Automation Services

Making your house smart can mean different things to different people and because there is virtually nothing you can’t do with automation, we decided to simplify things to help you get started and put together a few different packages to choose from. Our system is built in a way that it can grow with your needs, this way you can start off small and keep adding more until you have reached total control and automation of your smart home.

Network Infrastructure and WiFi

Any good solution should be built starting with the proper foundation to allow for strong Wifi signal throughout the house and allow you to maximize the speeds that you are paying for

Whole Home Audio

Want to listen to your favourite music throughout your home? What about listen to music in the shower, while your kids are listening to something else in the living room? We can make this happen while offering both wired & wireless solutions.

Home Theatre

Whether you watch TV or movies in your living room or in a dedicated room in your basement, we can create an immersive surround sound system fit for any movie enthusiast.

Security & Surveillance

Protect what matter most to you by adding some security cameras round our home, a smart lock and a security system that can all be viewed and controlled while you are home or away.

Custom Smart Home System

Control all the different systems in your home from a single intuitive app. Lights, blinds, security, surveillance, climate control, audio and video, garage doors, smart locks, and so much more can now be controlled locally or from anywhere in the world.

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