Building a home theatre includes more than just choosing between a television and a projector. The room size and sound system are two other components you may want to consider.  But beyond that, seating is also essential for both personal comfort and viewing enjoyment.

Read on as we explore these top smart seating ideas for your new home theatre.

The Small Comfy Multi-Entertainment Room

If you have an open floor plan or a tiny space, consider a sleek audio-video TV stand with clean lines. A soundbar produces loud, immersive sound while taking up less space than speakers.

Choose low-profile, multi-functional furniture. The fabric sofa, for example, is equally appropriate for watching a movie as it is for unwinding with friends.

You can maximize available floor space by lowering some visitors’ seats to the floor using one or two bean bags.

The Family-Style Movie Room

Avoid making the television the only focus of a space that functions as a living room, study, or family area. When not in use, the screen is hidden behind a TV cabinet with doors or a sliding panel.

Choose a huge sofa that can accommodate more people or a modular set for even more flexibility. The three-piece set is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for hosting a movie night or a family gathering.

Additionally, a projector produces immersive, enormous visuals, which is especially beneficial if you have a television in another room. Moving the gadget closer or further away from the surface changes the size of the projected picture.

The Upgraded Family Movie Room

In a larger room, an additional row of seating is possible. As an example, consider a five-seat reclining sectional sofa that conceals a three-seat sofa. Back-row viewers will have an excellent view of the image thanks to this second piece of furniture on a 12-inch riser.

Check that there is enough room between the two rows for you to move about and fully recline.

A home theatre room could be styled after your favourite superheroes, horror film characters, old movies, or television shows.

The Movie Buff’s Corner 

Even simple home theatre rooms provide more control over light and sound. To enhance space efficiency, consider hiding speakers in the walls or ceiling.

To guarantee that everyone has a place to sit, choose a reclining sectional sofa or two accent chairs. Allow complete freedom of movement around the furnishings. Beverages and snacks are available on a side table.

A large home theatre necessitates at least a 15′ wide by 20′ deep space.

The Private Home Cinema

Increase the number of rows as much as possible while staying within the recommended screen distance (between two and five times the image width). Using risers, each consecutive row should be 12 inches higher than the one before it, similar to a commercial theatre. This allows you to comfortably host small group viewings.

In a home theatre, leather is the preferred material since it adds to the comfort and richness of the viewing experience.

While couches can seat more people per row in a properly large room, accent chairs provide optimal comfort for all. Allow enough space between rows, fully reclining chairs, and put surround sound speakers in the back.

Your Own Movie Experience

If film is a serious love and a way for you to escape via art, you may want to set up a specialized home theatre room for yourself. This intimacy and simplicity may greatly improve your viewing experience.

It’s all up to you. Select a chair with a deep seat, a pillowy headrest, and plenty of armrests. This regal armchair is perfect for watching movies, listening to music, or simply unwinding. For the best viewing and sound, place it in the center of the room.


When it comes to your home and all the upgrades you want to incorporate into it, remember that it’s always about the quality of the experience. You want to be critical in choosing the different components that come into your home theatre, especially when it comes to comfort and seating. After all, you and your loved ones should enjoy this feature. Thus, ensure a well-designed setup that everyone benefits from.

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