Maximizing Wi-Fi Coverage in Your Smart Home

wifi in the home

Have you ever had problems with the controls and efficiency of the smart devices in your home? Perhaps it’s the WiFi connection that’s causing those problems. 

Just so you know, one of the common issues of smart home products is reduced bandwidth. It’s the primary enemy of smart home security products or smart home devices because it prevents them from functioning properly. Your smart products or devices get the bandwidth from your home’s internet WiFi. So, optimizing your WiFi will be the best solution to those problems. 

Fortunately for you, we’ve listed down some basic tips on how you can maximize your home’s WiFi coverage to make your smart home fully functional. Check out our tips and tricks to learn how:

Tip #1: Switch Some of Your Devices to Wired Connections

As you know, WiFi is so convenient that you can roam around your house accessing the internet without getting disconnected from the network. However, WiFi is still far from a perfect data connection, especially when connected to numerous devices. To maximize WiFi connection in your smart homes, try to switch some of your devices to wired connections. While it is convenient to make everything smart inside your home, it’s sometimes not ideal because some devices can take a large amount of bandwidth, reducing the efficiency of your other smart devices. 

For example, if you have WiFi-enabled security cameras, find a way to switch them to wired connections. They are one of the biggest bandwidth hogs on your network, especially if you do streaming, recording live video, or have the highest-quality, top-of-the-market WiFi-enabled cameras. 

Tip #2: Find a Different Place for Your WiFi Router

It may seem not essential, but your router’s location can also affect your WiFi connection. It can impact the strength of your wireless signal, affecting the connection your devices are getting. To maximize the WiFi connection in your smart home, try to assess your current WiFi location and the range your WiFi router achieves. If it doesn’t have enough, relocate your router because it may be too far from your devices, or the signals get muffled in their current location. Try to place it in a centralized location in your home where no walls will interfere with the signal quality. This way, the distance of the signal from your smart devices will be reduced, and the signal will reach the far corners of your home. 

Tip #3: Try to Consider Having a Mesh Network

A mesh network is just similar to regular routers and extenders, but they are smarter and work better, especially for smart homes. This router creates a web of internet connections around your home, clearing up dead spots and extending your main’s router range. It allows full WiFi coverage in your house, increasing the efficiency of your smart devices. You can consider this solution if relocating your router has no effect. You can choose from a wide range of mesh networks, including Google WiFi, Plume, Netgear Orbi, or Eero. However, you must note that mesh networks are not that cheap, but they are really worthy investments. 

Tip #4: Consider Updating Your Router

If none of these solutions work, maybe it’s time to update your router. It may be the main culprit behind your bandwidth woes, especially if your router is cheap or is an older model. Why not update your router with upgraded standards. Newer versions can already handle multiple devices while preserving more of the bandwidth your ISP is feeding to your modem.


Hopefully, our tips can help maximize the WiFi coverage in your smart home. These are just some of the basic solutions you can do to make your smart home fully functional. You can also seek help from a professional in maximizing your WiFi connection so that you will not encounter any problems with your smart products or devices. 

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