The pandemic significantly impacted movie theatres worldwide, forcing them to shut down drastically and reduce their operating hours. It also led to a severe drop in ticket sales and revenues for the industry. 

It also impacted new film releases, where studios have delayed or cancelled their upcoming releases, leading to a scarcity of new movies to show in theatres. Delayed or cancelled films made movie houses rerun older movies or offer safer alternatives like streaming events. 

And even after the pandemic settles, many people may still want to stay home and watch movies on streaming services. Ultimately, the pandemic led to a rise in home theatres for wealthier homeowners. 

As one of the best smart home companies in Toronto, we put together eight steps to help you create the perfect home theatre!

1. Look into Revamping Your Basement 

Basements typically have the notorious reputation of being the least used space in the house because it’s dark and damp. Fortunately, turning it into a home theatre can give it a well-deserved facelift!

You’re lucky if your home has a basement. Since it’s isolated from the home’s noise, it can be nice and quiet, like a movie theatre! Having a basement can make it easier to control lighting and sound performance.

Smart home companies recommend painting the walls dark and installing a flat screen on one wall to replicate the theatre feels. 

You can also complete the look with plush seats.

2. Find Other Locations 

But what if you don’t have a basement? Fortunately, you can still transform a spare room, such as a large walk-in closet, garden shed, pool house, or unused garage. We suggest minimizing natural light with blackout curtains and having built-in seatings to fit any nook.

3. Add Insulation 

Installing insulation systems in your space can help reduce noise from outside and between different rooms and levels in your home. 

After selecting your location, you must now assess your renovation needs. Do you want to redecorate the room or splurge on recreating a movie theatre? If you wish to replicate the more realistic renovation, we recommend insulating your walls to create sound barriers between the theatre and the rest of your home.

4. Have the Right Wiring 

Wiring your home theatre is crucial to ensure it runs smoothly and helps you enjoy better audio and video quality. 

Consider cleaning up your setup with discreet tubing that hides your wires, or have smart home companies build your speakers into the wall or floor.

5. Review Sound Options 

Designing an efficient sound system can be trickier than you think, especially if you have no experience creating sound systems. Take a few steps back to review your options and ask yourself a few questions: Do I want the surround-sound feels of a theatre? And should I have a thick carpet to reduce echo and noise?

6. Choose Your Screen 

After reviewing the other factors, you can choose the screen for your home theatre. When selecting a screen, it would be best to consider your room’s dimensions. Remember that more giant screens don’t always promise better visuals. 

You wouldn’t feel comfortable having a gigantic screen in a shallow room. Take a few steps back to measure the room, and ensure you have enough space to keep your game consoles, Blu-ray players, and other things to complete your home entertainment.

7. Install Control Systems

You can never go wrong with installing an easy-to-use control system for all ages. 

A universal remote, cellphone, tablet app, or whole-home automation system can help you operate the lighting, sound, and visuals from anywhere.

8. Unleash Your Creative Side

Lastly, it’s decoration time! A home theatre gives you the freedom to pick and follow a specific theme. You can pay respect to your favourite sci-fi series or choose accents bringing back the 1920’s Art Deco elegance.

Lights, Camera, Action (From Home)

Closing physical movie theatres led to the rise of home theatres for many households. When designing your space, you must consider your space’s area and needs. At the same time, it’s also the perfect time to unleash your inner creativity. 

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