Why You Need a Fully Custom Smart Home System for Audio


house with audio system

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were gently woken up by your favourite classical band playing instead of being jolted awake by an annoying clock alarm? Those gentle notes and crescendos would accompany you as you walked from your room to the living room, then to the kitchen, where you brew a cup of coffee or refill your glass of water. To top it all off, the music continues playing well until you leave for work since the sound system is voice-activated, turning on or off when you command it.

What we described above is merely a glimpse of what your living quarters would sound like if you had a fully custom smart home system for audio. It’ll play any kind of music you choose from anywhere, so long as you’re there to prompt it. If the idea sounds interesting, here are some reasons why you need this technology in your home today:


Whole-house audio systems that can be controlled from an app make life much easier. It’s more convenient than fumbling with different remote controls, and you can adjust the sound system anywhere in your home. This means you can control your music without getting up and finding a controller. Music is at the command of your fingertips through a simple app on your smartphone or another device!

Genre Assignment Per Area

A multi-zone audio system allows each family member to enjoy their music in their own space. Whether it’s breakfast time, the kids getting ready for school or dinner time, or mom and dad cooking in the kitchen, everyone can listen to their favourite tunes. There’s no need to fight over who controls the music because, with a multi-zone system, everyone gets to pick their radio station or playlist.

No-Fuss Entertainment

If you want to hear your favourite tunes outdoors without bothering the neighbours, we can help you do that so the people around you won’t hear a thing.

Online Music Library Access

If you’re not happy with the music selection on your device, there are plenty of ways to expand it. You can access your music libraries on iTunes or Amazon Music or choose from songs on streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, and Tidal through your custom smart home system. With such various options available, you’re sure to find the perfect tunes to suit your mood.

Seamless Music Playing

The sound of music follows you as you move throughout your home, and the acoustics of each space creates a unique and perfect listening experience. Whole house audio installation can give you the resort-like experience of having music playing throughout your home, seamlessly blending into your home’s interior design and maximizing your listening pleasure.

Wireless Connectivity

Whole home audio systems are great because they eliminate the need for ugly wires and speakers taking up valuable space. The speakers are installed in the walls with whole home audio, creating a much cleaner look. This also allows you to paint the speaker grills to match your home’s colour scheme.


Enjoy the benefits of convenient, wireless audio throughout your home with Smart Homes Pro! We provide customers with a custom smart home system that can link their audio and other entertainment media together to create the right atmosphere for your family. Learn more by visiting our website today.