When Gen-Xers came of age in the ’70s and ’80s, latchkey kids were in the news. A latchkey kid was one who spent a significant amount of time home alone while working parents worried about them. But things have changed; today, many Gen-Z children come home to a house that’s wired with the latest smart devices designed to make parents and caregivers worry less about the safety of their children.

The worrying of parents significantly lessened when smart homes started to become a trend. Whether you are a parent of toddlers, have older kids, or are expecting a baby soon, you may be interested in a smart home setup!

Tips for Creating the Best Kid-Friendly Smart Home Setup

1 – Set up smart locks 

Some smart locks display a live feed of what’s happening outside your door on an app on your phone. These locks have a simple programming system, and many are suited for simple entry codes.

Other locks are smarter and can be programmed to control access or only be opened by an authorized person with a fingerprint. This feature is great for parents who want to control the in and out the entry with the ability to turn on or off the mechanism for friends and family.

2 – Program your electronics and appliances 

If you’re having a hard time teaching your kids how to be responsible around electricity, it may be time to outsource your worries to a smart home. With smart plugs, you can stop worrying about your kids turning on the stove and burning the house down.

Smart plugs can be programmed with a timer, and some will alert you when they’re on at certain times. Some plugs even give you the ability to turn appliances on or off remotely and set specific routines for each device.

3 – Get smart doorbell cameras

Doorbell cameras are an excellent addition to any home. Many doorbell cameras have a camera that points at whoever’s at the door. These cameras can record footage of your children as they fetch the mail, or they can warn you of a time when they’ve answered the door on their own.

Many doorbell cameras are designed for outdoor use, so if your child leaves home alone, you can watch from the app wherever you are and make sure they don’t leave the house without permission.

4 – Install smart smoke detectors

One thing that every parent worries about is their child getting hurt or harmed in some way. Smoke detectors are an excellent way to make sure your child isn’t harmed in your absence. It’s also a great way for them to learn about safety.

5 – Buy products that are intuitive and fun

When it comes to your child’s development, you need to make sure that they aren’t only learning how to navigate the home alone, but they’re learning how to navigate the home with technology.

Many products use colour coding and fun icons to help your children learn how to use products such as their smart television or their smart toothbrush.


As technology continues to proliferate and become more affordable, our homes are becoming smarter. Smart technology has been a big topic for tech companies over the past decade, and it’s only a matter of time until everyone has a smart home.

Smart homes are becoming more common in the homes of young kids. A smart home can help your child be more independent, and it can give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy your child without having to hover over them.

Should you be looking for assistance with smart home automation, contact Smart Homes Pro. We have all the tools necessary to elevate your lifestyle by bringing all the different systems of your home into one single easy-to-use app. This will allow you to control your home with great ease and help you automate everyday repeating tasks such as turning on the outside lights and adjusting your temperature when going to sleep.