Disproving 5 Common Myths About Smart Homes

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The advancement of home automation has taken an enormous leap in recent years, as many homeowners are turning to smart automation. This has led to a whopping 180 million smart homes in the world today. By integrating technology into standard home appliances, they become much more efficient and cost-effective, saving you money.

Despite the rise in popularity, smart homes are still quite misunderstood by many. There are still many concerns, myths, and fears that have plagued the industry and its consumers. Let’s address these myths and try to clear the air up.

Myth #1: Smart Homes are a Security Risk

This is a common concern around the subject of smart homes. The reasoning behind it is understandable, but smart homes are no more a security risk than any other home. The same security measures in place in your home today remain relevant. In fact, today’s smart homes can be even more secure than a traditional home, thanks to two-way communication and technology integration.

Myth #2: Smart Home Systems are Expensive to Maintain

The addition of smart devices and integration into the home can be quite pricey and can quickly add up. However, with the increase in security and energy regulation, and the rise in technology, we are beginning to see more affordable options that are designed to work with an existing smart home system.

Myth #3: Smart Home Systems Will Make Your Home an Easy Target for Hackers and Burglars

Despite the predictions that a hack on a smart home would be possible, recent studies have proven that these predicted hacks are not at all easy to accomplish and very difficult for an outsider to get into your home. However, there are many smart home security products on the market that do a great job of keeping your businesses and homes safe from burglars. 

One of the best ways to keep your smart home and devices secure is to employ a dual-authentication system, also known as two-factor authentication. If this system is put in place on your devices, a hacker would need to breach two layers of security to reach your devices which are protected by your cell phone.

Myth #4: Smart Home Systems are Invasive and Unwelcome

With more and more companies adopting the concept of smart home technology and more products being released, scrutiny has been brought upon these devices. Privacy concerns have risen, and the skepticism that many hold against the concept of smart homes has brought worry to those who are considering bringing it into their homes. However, this technology is here to stay, and despite the current concerns, most smart home systems are not invasive by any means.

You can control the privacy features with your smart home system, turning each device’s microphone and camera on or off and setting your preferences for how the technology should work within your home. You can do this all through your smartphone or with a simple voice command.

Myth #5: Smart Home Systems are not Safe for Children

As technology has advanced over the years, children have become more and more attached to it. With smartphones and devices becoming the new norm, it is no surprise that smart home systems are designed to be safe for children.

This is especially important to parents of young kids who want to keep an eye on them while they are playing or sleeping. Smart home systems make it easy to keep an eye on your kids, especially with monitor systems that can be set up in each room, keeping track of what your child is doing and where they are in the house. 


While it is true that smart home technology is still in its early stages, it’s becoming a more widely used tool that is being leveraged by homeowners. With more and more households integrating smart devices into their home, the industry will only continue to grow.

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