How Smart Home Technology Benefits the Elderly

elderly in smart home

Smart homes are among the latest and most advanced developments in user-controlled tech. But it’s not only the tech-savvy who will enjoy this technical innovation. Seniors are one sector that can benefit from the conveniences that a smart home offers.

If you are want to know why custom smart homes are suitable for seniors, read on as Smart Homes Pro shares some reasons with you:


Remote Access Offers Improved Independence

If you’ve ever wondered how to help an aging loved one live independently, this is one answer. Smart homes are set up with sensors that can detect the presence of an individual and even the specific room they are in.

Through the use of motion detection, lights can be controlled by the user. If a loved one gets up in the middle of the night and needs to use the bathroom, they can turn on the light with a simple touch of a button and adjust the temperature with another.


Biomedical Monitoring Devices Can Make a Huge Difference

Seniors who have special conditions require monitoring to ensure their health is under control. Biomedical monitors can be integrated into a smart home, allowing remote monitoring of a patient.

A smart home can include an emergency alert system that notifies family members or carers when the patient has an emergency. This can help the person recover faster since they can be taken to the hospital promptly.


Home Automation Can Help Ease Burden

With smart home automation, security cameras can be set up in common areas of a home and a senior’s bedroom. The elderly can be assured that someone is aware of their well-being, even at any time of day or night.


The Caregiver Doesn’t Have to Pay the Price

A caregiver can face several responsibilities and stresses, including the pressure of getting lost on the path of caring for an aging loved one. Home automation can help ease their burden by assisting seniors to adhere to a schedule and responsibility.


Alarms Ensure Security and Safety

An intelligent home alarm has the potential to detect a potential intruder or attacker and send an alert to the carer. Some residences even can keep an intruder locked out until help arrives.

A smart home can help ensure the safety and security of an aging loved one and the home carer. When you learn about smart homes and how they can help, you will be convinced of the importance of installing one for your loved one.


Mobile Assistance Offers Extra Convenience

A smart home can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet, allowing seniors to make changes to their homes from anywhere. This provides much-needed convenience for seniors who are likely to change their minds more often than they once did.

The mobile app can also provide instant access for real-time communication between the caregiver and loved one. This way, carers can keep in touch with the elderly without having to see them. Communication can be used to pass on the information and provide reminders of critical daily routines and procedures.



Smart home technology can give you and your loved ones the hope of living a comfortable and safe life. A custom smart home can be built using technology that offers a wide range of features that benefit seniors and the people who care for them.

If you have a senior loved one, think about the benefits of a smart home and how you can position yourself to receive one.

Smart Homes Pro offers smart home automation in Toronto and nearby areas. Contact us today to find out how we can automate your home for you and your senior loved ones!