3 Ways to Upgrade Your Smart Home for the Holidays



The holidays are certainly far from what they had been in years past. Then again, the world as a whole has changed a lot over the past two years. Some people are looking to finally reconnect with family in-person within home settings; others are still just reconnecting digitally over his or her own homes.

It’s valid to feel like you’re starting to run out of creative ideas to just enjoy the season. Especially since making memories is usually associated with a setting shift of some sort. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to treat yourself without having to spend it on holiday elsewhere.

Needless to say, now more than ever, convenience is key. What could be more convenient than living in a smart home? Using your smart home to its full advantage is something everyone can take advantage of. 

Here are three ways to upgrade your smart home for the holidays:

Get a Smart Christmas Tree

Finding a live tree and arranging transportation can be quite a lot. Yes, it’s actually possible to get a tree that’s automated! An artificial tree will look wonderful when there are smart lights at play. On the other hand, a smart Christmas tree has pre-installed lights that can be easily controlled with Amazon Alexa or any smartphone. 

Lights can be scheduled to turn on at a certain time, they can be turned on or off anytime, and the colour can get switched out. Some products can also be activated by voice commands to change lighting modes.

Have Automated Holiday Lights

Long gone are the days of having to get into odd angles behind your Christmas tree to figure out its wiring. Automatic timers went a long way before, but with a smart home, that gets an upgrade.

Rather than using an old-fashioned timer, consider using smart plugs for your holiday lights! Smart plugs are easy to set up and give you greater control, as well as allowing you to turn on holiday lights from anywhere in your home. This is particularly handy if you suddenly have guests over and have plenty to deal with and prepare.

Reinforce Safety with Smart Security Cameras

This is an investment that goes well beyond the holidays! Online shopping means more and more people are going to walk up to your home at any point. You can keep track not just of people, but also packages that may have to sit on the porch for some time.

If there’s a need to retrace whether or not a certain package was actually delivered, for example, footage can be reviewed easily. It’s also particularly helpful beyond the holidays for overall security for your home.

Consider the likes of Blink Outdoor, which are weather-resistant, have long battery life and are cordless. That means they can be installed anywhere and bring an extra layer of convenience. 


One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays is getting things going in a smart home. Improving it in time for the season brings plenty of benefits. Ideal upgrades include getting a smart Christmas tree, having automated holiday lights, and making use of smart security cameras.

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