Your 2021 Smart Home Holiday Checklist

2021 smart home

Do you know what’s better than living in a smart home? It’s updating your devices and appliances just in time for the new year! Of course, the smart home company that set up your house’s system has made sure that your smart home will provide you with everything you need for a long time, but why not add a few smart devices to your holiday list?

With a few smart devices, you’ll be able to control more of your home’s functions and add a bit of convenience to your life. To help you decide which smart devices you should be adding to your wishlist this holiday season, consider these top gadgets!


A smart lock is a great way to ensure that you’ll get an early notification if your teen isn’t home on time or if your pet is accidentally locked in the laundry room. 

If you’re feeling particularly generous this season, you can even give a loved one the option to create temporary access codes for their friends! This way, they can surprise their friends with a new smart home of their own.


Your smart thermostat will allow you to make sure your home is comfortable any time of the year. There are temperature sensors in your smart thermostat, so you’ll know when the temperature drops unexpectedly or if your teen has left the heat on too high.

With just a few clicks on your smartphone app, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature in your home!

Window Covering

Smart window coverings are great for a few reasons. They’ll allow you to ensure that your child doesn’t accidentally rip off their favourite curtains by closing the windows too tightly. If you’ve ever tried to close a window that’s been left open a little too long, you’ll realize why this is a feature worth having!

Garage Door Opener

Enjoy the gift of convenience! If you’ve got a household member with a busy work schedule, a garage door opener can be a wonderful gift. You can set it up so that you’ll receive a notification when the garage door is opened, or you can add a smart garage door that will let you open and close your garage door from your smartphone.


If you want to create a home that feels like a showroom, smart lighting is the perfect device to buy! Smart lighting will allow you to make sure that you can turn off all the lights in your house before you leave the house in the morning. When you return, you’ll be able to turn on a few lights to create a cozy environment.


A few smart refrigerator options are worth looking into, but the most useful is a smart refrigerator with a built-in smart barcode scanner. This option will allow you to scan your groceries and create a shopping list quickly.


As you can see, there are plenty of smart devices that are worth adding to your holiday shopping list. With some of the options available this season, you’ll be able to make your life more convenient while keeping your loved ones safe. When you have a custom smart home, you’re sure to have the best year of the new decade!

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