Home Theatre System

When you’re getting your very own smart home, there are several inclusions that you might want to make. Amazing home audio and a personal home theatre is a great way to take your Netflix and Chill sessions up a notch, allowing you to relax even better on your days off.

One of the best steps to bring you closer to that theatre feel is to have great equipment. Loudspeakers, huge screens, and comfy furniture can be quite excellent to have, but it’s paramount to have the proper placement of those elements for the best experience.

Getting a smart home professional and installation team can help you avoid several placement errors, such as:

1) Unlevelled Speakers

Once the lights turn off, you often await the thematic playing of the audio, whether it’s music or a voiceover narration in the movie. However, that starting point and the rest of the film might sound off because the speakers aren’t at the right level. 

It’s important that the center and surround speakers are at the right position and height in order to appeal to your ears. Call in an installation service that can calculate the adequate placement for each speaker and their ideal positioning in the room to enjoy the sounds of the movie.

2) Uneven Screen Placement

Visuals are quite an important part of the home theatre experience, and there’s almost nothing more annoying than watching on a screen that’s a little tilted. Whether it’s a little wonky on one side or at an uneven angle when it’s meant to lean towards you, it can be hard to enjoy a movie.

Before you make the mistake of making the television screen’s positioning permanent, have the placement adjusted and installed properly. It’ll be much more satisfying, and less distracting overall, when you finally hit play. 

3) Speakers in Furniture

Although it might be aesthetically pleasing to have the speakers on your shelves and cabinet under the television, that kind of placement may not provide you with the best results. Placing them here can often muddle up the sound waves and change their noise distribution. If you want clearer sound, it would be wiser to get the speakers off the furniture and space them out.

4) Speakers Flush Against the Wall

Aside from putting the speakers in certain furniture, you might get a lacklustre home theatre session if the devices are placed flush against the wall. Having them too far away, especially in a spacious room, might decrease the quality a little bit. Plus, there’d be an increase in the reflected sound waves that are playing from the speakers, which isn’t the most appealing. 

5) Seats Too Close or Too Far

When you’re in the cinemas, you’re aiming to get the best seats in the house. Some area in the center that’s not too near or too far from the screen is the most ideal, and the same principle applies to setting up the home theatre. 

It’d be good to assess the placement of your seats a little more optimal when playing anything on the big screen. Whether it’s a couch, several cushions or more, have them positioned in the center so that you always have a good view and great sound. 


Placement is everything when it comes to having your home theatre system, so it’s best to be meticulous. With the right decisions, you can look forward to a fantastic movie marathon with your loved ones right in the comfort of your own place.

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