Four Long Term Benefits of Installing a Home Automation System

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The satisfaction of installing a home automation system may lose its lustre after a while, however, reviewing the extended benefits will convince you that it is indeed a wise decision.

Turning your home into a smart home will have these four long-term benefits:

Add Value to Your Property

A recent survey found that 68% of Canadian non-homeowners in the 25-35 age group intended to purchase their own home within the next five years. As this age group is known to be tech-savvy and reliant on the internet of things, a home that has been automated will most definitely appeal to them.

In the future, demand for smart homes will be on the rise and selling a house with a system already installed will give you an advantage.

Environmentally Wise Decision

There is much talk of climate change and the impact of humans on our planet. Everyone is interested in reducing their carbon footprint. Over the long term, a home automation system will allow you to achieve this.

By monitoring your habits and routines, your system can be fine-tuned to minimize your energy consumption, for example, by automating heating or cooling systems according to your presence in your home. Systems can be lowered or turned off when no one is in residence. Lighting can be set to specific on and off times and set to automatically turn off when you leave your home. Vacation modes can be programmed to further reduce consumption when you are away.

Cost Savings

As your system can be programmed to environmentally friendly settings, your consumption of power, for example, will be reduced, offering ongoing, long-term savings.

In due course, insurance companies will offer discounted premiums to homeowners with home automation systems. This is because these incorporate security features such as alarms, surveillance, smart locks, and sensors to detect smoke, leaking gas, or water. All of these systems can mitigate potential theft, fire or water damage.

Easy Home Management

The convenience of having all parts of your home connected through one interface will be key to successful home management in the future. Everything from monitoring consumption, receiving notifications, setting timings, granting or denying access will all be done from your phone or tablet, from the comfort of wherever you find yourself right now.

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