Now that appliances are getting more technologically advanced (and cheaper!), it’s time to get in on the fun. With these clever kitchen hacks, your life in the kitchen is about to get a whole lot simpler.

Your kitchen may now be a part of your smart home, making your everyday routine much more convenient. We can tell you which appliances you’ll need and what they’re capable of.

1. Smart Faucets (Touch-Activated)

The water flow stops automatically when you touch the spout or handle with your wrist or forearm. Some faucets incorporate an LED light that changes colour to show the temperature of the water. The American Standard Beale MeasureFill faucet, for example, provides a predetermined volume of water (from 1/2 cup to 5 cups) on demand by simply rotating and touching the selection dial.

2. Smart Refrigerators (Portable Screen)

Refrigerators have progressed from merely keeping food fresh to becoming personalized digital tools for the home. Built-in TV displays are a thing of the past (although they are getting bigger).

Modern refrigerators use streaming services, virtual voice assistants, and Wi-Fi connections to search recipes, show photographs, and set timers. Detachable screens allow you to take your recipes with you as you cook. Grocery shopping is made more accessible when you can check the contents of your refrigerator remotely using a smartphone app.

Interiors of refrigerators have also evolved. Models now have individual temperature settings for various compartments, allowing maximum customization and keeping food fresher for longer. Door-in-door compartments provide easy access to condiments, while hot-water dispensers make preparing tea or hot chocolate a breeze.

3. Smart Induction Cooker

If you enjoy Buzzfeed’s Tasty food videos, you might be interested in their intelligent tabletop induction cooker, which promises to transport your recipes from phone to table without the guesswork. 

The One Top automatically changes temperature and power settings to match the recipe instructions, measuring the temperature in real-time so you know precisely when to flip your pancake. 

It works in combination with the Tasty app, which offers hundreds of recipes. Its temperature monitoring capabilities also allow it to turn into a slow cooker quickly. The device is also a suitable replacement for costly sous vide machines since it can maintain a constant liquid temperature of 1 degree Celsius.

4. Smart Microwaves (Automatic Timing)

Microwave ovens frequently use internal sensors to change cook times automatically. Whirlpool’s smart over-the-range microwave oven has a popcorn option that utilizes a sound sensor to determine the duration between pops. There’s no need to worry about burned kernels!

5. Smart Scales (Easy Baking)

If the more rigorous science of baking has always intimidated you, the Drop Scale might be the clever tool you need to conquer your anxieties. This ingredient scale works in conjunction with its app, allowing you to select a recipe. Its extensive library includes everything from cakes and cookies to savoury dishes like meatballs and soups.

Drop’s cocktail recipes made easy are perfect for your first venture into mixology—you won’t need expensive jiggers or pony glasses to prepare these alcoholic beauties. When you’re finished, you can share your recipes and images with the app’s user community or browse for inspiration from featured partners like Food52, Good Housekeeping, and other food bloggers and bakers.


The kitchen may have mostly escaped the revolution in smart home technology until now. But, as technology opens up new options and home cooks become more creative, our culinary future seems promising.

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