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New smart home products are being designed all the time to automate and control your home. When you install or upgrade your smart home system, you can opt for some or all of these innovative products.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are designed to allow you to operate door locks using a wireless interface like Bluetooth and leave your physical key behind. You will be able to remotely control access to your home, schedule locking and unlocking and track codes and users.

Smart Lights

Use your smart home system to schedule lights to turn on and off at certain times. For example, exterior lights work from sunrise to sunrise and are set to dim after 10 pm to conserve energy. Lighting sequences can be added for times when you are away, making it appear that you are home.

Smart Blinds And Curtains

Window coverings can be integrated with your smart home system allowing you to open and close them from your control panel or app. The settings are programmable, so you can set opening and closing times. This can be useful when you are away, creating the illusion that someone is home.

Security And Surveillance

The beauty of smart home automation systems means that all of your products can be incorporated into one platform, meaning one interface to use either via an onsite screen or your phone. This includes your security and surveillance system.

Optional extras here are pet monitoring and interaction options from a simple camera monitoring system to a sophisticated two-way interactive system that allows your pet to see and hear you.  

A variety of sensors, such as glass break, leak, gas and smoke, can be incorporated to alert you to any potentially harmful situations.

Smart doorbells allow for visuals of the entrance areas of your home.  You will be able to grant access remotely via your phone or control panel.

Smart Thermostats

Controlling heating, cooling and ventilation in your home can help you have a constantly comfortable environment. Not only can you make adjustments via your phone or control panel, but you can also program a variety of settings that will ensure that the system functions most efficiently, thereby reducing power consumption and related costs.

For advice on how to customize and integrate these great smart home products and more, contact Smart Homes Pro today and get ready to elevate your lifestyle.