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Here Is How Technology Is Making Life A Breeze!

Do you remember the Y2K panic? Well, we made it through without a scratch and promptly launched countless technological breakthroughs. Technology has become a necessity and even a status symbol. It brings countless benefits to ease the pressure on our busy lives, including smart home products that reduce your home tasks. But let’s look at how technology generally makes life a breeze.

Managing Your Money Safely

Using technology, you can automate tasks, set up reminders, gather receipts, track investments, compare prices, and be notified instantly if something untoward is happening in your account.

Bills are paid with a few clicks, reminders ensure payment dates are not missed, transactions are recorded into accounting software automatically, and shoeboxes of receipts are no more. Apps will track your shares and notify you of new investment opportunities.

Smart Homes That Make Your Home Life Easier

Technology can help make your home feel safer while doing other mundane tasks for you – upping your relaxation time.

Voice-controlled or pre-programmed lighting systems, window blinds, curtains, and swimming pool waterfalls save you time and make your home look lived in even when you are away. And they’ll save you money!

Some of our client’s favourite devices are:

  • smart thermostats their sensors detect every activity in your house. They automatically and efficiently normalize the peak temperature of your interior.
  • smart speakers you can talk to virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, and Alexa through these. You ask them about the weather or use them to control other smart devices, e.g. ask the smart speaker to turn on the lights in your kitchen.
  • smart smoke detectors – invisible poisonous gases are deadly. Smoke detectors protect your family by detecting carbon monoxide and sending alerts.
  • smart security in addition to cameras indoors and outdoors, you can get voice notifications from motion sensors in the cameras (with A.I., so animals and passersby don’t trigger it).
  • smart lighting a definite favourite. Turn lights off/on verbally or via programming. Smart bulbs also slash your utility bill by turning themselves off! We have 100’s of happy comments from these installations.

Smart Here, Smart There, Smart Everywhere 

With the help of technology, capturing and reviewing information is easier, data retrieval is fast and easy, and access to information is available to millions of people whose lives are uplifted by it. People with special needs have gained more independence, and medical care has been revolutionized through A.I. monitoring.

Yes, we love the smart use of smart devices. Want to relax more, spend less and feel safer? Contact us today for a free consultation on smart home products and get ready to elevate your lifestyle!

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